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Office stationery and supplies are not just small items, but are most importance around the office, school, industry and almost everywhere. It is essential need to be it on your desk. We have all kind of stationery items for industrial and office use.

Stationery Items

Paper Rim

We provide A3 paper rim, A4 paper rim, Letter size paper rim and all type of rim what a business needs.

Paper Pouch

Paper pouch are used for holding different size of papers i.e. letter size papers, A3 papers, A4 papers, etc.


All kinds of registers are available like Attendance Register, Invoice Register, Accounting Register, etc.


We provide Basic, Scientific, Graphing, Printing, & Online Calculators, in very reasonable price.

Pens & Markers

We supply ball pens, gel pens, use & throw pens, permanent markers, white board markers, etc.


We provide a huge ranger of office files i.e. document file, box file, paper pouch, paper holder, etc.

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