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We are top electronic equipment suppliers in Rudrapur as well as in Uttarakhand for any type or size of industries, home, office, schools, etc. We supply world-class electrical products to meet all industrial and residential purposes. We are the leading wide-variety of electrical product suppliers, dealers, and distributors in Uttarakhand,

Stationery Items

Desktop & Laptop

We provide your costume made desktop/laptop within your budget and provide every parts and accessories.

CCTV Surveillance

We are wholesaler and suppliers of CCTV Cameras from various manufacturers in very reasonable price.


We provide Laser Printers, LED Printers, Inkjet Printers, Multi-function Printers, Dot Matrix Printers and 3D Printers.



We are authorized suppliers of ceiling fan, cooler, exhaust fan, table fan, and air conditioner in cheapest price.


We also provide world-class Smart & Non-Smart LED TV, Internet TV, Frame less TV of any size in lowest price.


We provide a huge ranger of office files i.e. document file, box file, paper pouch, paper holder, etc.

Customers Are Our Top Priority

We offer When you are ready to make your business dreams a reality, it begins with contacting an experienced construction company to help you begin the process.

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